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These Will Be the Top Decor Trends of 2022, According to Design Pros

Home decor experts reveal their predictions.

By Katie Holdefehr Updated December 27, 2021 - REAL SIMPLE MAGAZINE

Light Wood Tones

"Another trend that will surface is the revival of light oak wood," says Welch. "For the longest time we have been working with hues of gray in flooring and cabinetry, but now things are shifting towards lighter wood tones," he says. If you're not planning to redo your floors anytime soon, keep an eye out for furniture pieces in light wood tones instead.

The 90's Are Back!

Interior designer Mikel Welch's prediction for the top home decor trend of 2022? The '90s are officially back! "We will go back to arch hallway passages, hues of forest green paint, and matte black finishes instead of brass and silver."

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